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The mission of the Boston LGBTQ+ Museum is to research, collect, conserve, interpret, and exhibit arts that honor the history of the LGBTQ community in Boston and in Massachusetts, and celebrate the lives and narratives of LGBTQ people through the arts by centering queer artistry and supporting Boston’s Queer community of artists. 

While we work with key partner organizations and art institutions, and foster partnerships for temporary exhibits and projects, we envision a physical space in the city of Boston combined with an innovative digital platform that will foster an inclusive community that is safe for Boston queer artists to exhibit their artworks and showcase their talents through exhibitions, public programming, and special events.

In the years to come, when The Boston LGBTQ+ Museum, acquires a permanent space,

we will host a permanent exhibit that will tell the history of the LGBTQ+ movement in Boston and Massachusetts, and we will present temporary exhibits as well. 

We are excited to grow into a leading art institution encompassing a variety of art forms, from performance, to pop, contemporary, and modern art including but not limited to fine arts, visual, conceptual, and abstract. 


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